Team Burton


Sing along. And wait for October.


Is it time for a GIF set from one of my favorite movies? Yes, yes it is.


I’m the ghost with the most, babe.

“This is Halloween”

Calling all Halloween lovers!


So I just woke up from what for me is a terrifying nightmare. In it I find that I’ve been so busy I’ve lost track of time and don’t even know what day it is. I look up at the calender and find that it’s actually Halloween! I’d managed to waste my favorite month. I hadn’t decorated for Halloween, hadn’t eaten anything pumpkin flavored, hadn’t watched a Halloween movie, hadn’t carved a jack-o-lantern, hadn’t made a costume. NOTHING. So there I am, on Halloween night, sobbing my heart out because I’d just wasted an entire year waiting for Halloween and then managed to forget about it. The bright side is I doubt that could ever happen! But it does call for something I think. I’m thinking, oh I don’t know, Halloween in June? You know, like Christmas in July. But Halloween. In June. We could make it some kind of big deal event and spread it on Facebook and Tumblr. Maybe have contests and stuff. Maybe get some blogs and companies to sponsor it for prizes? Just throwing it out there. Feedback welcome. 


The ghost with the most.


How, HOW had I never seen this before? Via hulyen:

Alec Baldwin and Winona Ryder on set of Beetlejuice [x]


Tim burton’s MLP.

Anyone else wish this actually existed?







Its like an evolution 0.o


In which Tim Burton has just been directing one long movie this entire time.

Except for fucking Batman.


May I note, hes been doing it BACKWARDS?

1993 The Nightmare Before Christmas

2005 Corpse Bride

2012 Frankenweenie

Reblogging this because of something related that happened on Halloween. A little kid was looking at the part of my yard display that had Jack, Zero and Zero’s doghouse and he said to his dad, “Look! It’s Sparky!” His dad answered, chuckling, “No, that’s Zero, not Sparky.” Then I said over my shoulder (they didn’t know I was listening), “It’s cool, technically I think they’re related.” :)

(Tim Burton wrote, or was a contributing writer on all three.)


i wish i could do that…